Bale talk of the town, Tottenham fun activity waiting

At time of writing, the announcement of Gareth Bale has collapsed the club website. And if you look at your Twitter feed, you might notice that it’s at a slight angle (only kidding, but the response from fans all over the globe has been utterly stellar).

The 31-year-old’s shirt number is #9, there was a mumble going around online that the delay was down to Erik Lamela kicking up a stink about surrendering the number, but I am given to understand that this was just one of the many pieces of complete fiction swirling about this transfer.

Despite the best efforts of some generic and clearly anti-Spurs sites, the deal had been done. The less said about this shameful ‘reporting’ the better. The very idea that Zinedine Zidane was issuing quotes on a Saturday evening about a player he couldn’t wait to be relieved of, beggars belief.

I take a view that the feel good factor is to be enjoyed, and that fans might take a moment to understand just what change José Mourinho has effected at Tottenham.

If anything else seismic actually happens, you’ll be reliably kept informed via this place.

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