Bensoul: Weed gives Me stamina in bed

Bensoul has always been a favorite to many people ever since he began signing and joining the sol generation. He recently released the Nairobi video which received backlash because of Mejja’s verse. – By Stephanie Mwangi

Recently during an interview with Jalas talked about his music journey from how he left Embu and came to do engineering in technical university of Kenya.

He says he began his music career courtesy of Julie Gichuru who was celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary.  He was then asked why he is such an advocate for marijuana and that he also eats very much.

And this is what he had to say :  “ no smoking dawa does not render me dysfunctional as  people have often said , it gives me focus  and by the way even in bedroom matters it makes me a bully in the sack .

He goes on to add men looking for sexual vivacity should go ahead and try it