Billionaire Njenga Karume’s granddaughter dies of cancer due to lack of funds

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BY FAITH MUTETE – Michelle Wariara Karume, the granddaughter of the late Njenga Karume succumbed to cancer on Saturday and died in the United States. She had begged for funds to cater for her medical bills from the trustees of the multibillion shilling estate of the late Karume who did not respond as expected and availed the money when it’s too late.

According to family sources, the money arrived in May this year when it was too late. She wrote an email to George Waireri, one of the trustees and copied to her relatives

But, Mr. Waireri said the death had nothing to do with lack of funds and that she had suffered under the disease for a long time which overpowered her and took away her life.

This, however, was disputed by Peter Munge, the lawyer for Karume’s children, who said Michelle died because she could not access treatment because of lack of funds.

In an email Michelle wrote, she expressed the amount of pain she was going through and pleaded with the trustees to avail the funds for her treatment, stating what the use of her grandfather’s money was, if it could not serve the purpose of helping her health.

Karume’s children have been embroiled in a case where they want the trustees kicked out.

The other two trustees of Karumes wealth are, Kung’u Gatabaki and Margaret Nduta Kamithi.

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