Chantal flashes new catch after Eric Omondi’s Wife Material show

Eric Omondi ex-lover Chantal intendeds to make people to keep guessing after she revealed the love of her life she didn’t actually show the face but it was clear they were in love – By Stephanie Mwangi.

Eric and Chantal parted ways after dating for four and a half years    and she said the breakup was amicable ‘a see you later and not a good bye’

“Eric and I have had long discussions for the past one month as you all know my family lives in Italy and the distance is challenging to the both of us. I love Eric and I will always love him we have shared so many memories together and created so many of them I will always be here for you when you need me.

Eric had this to say about her: “the breakup was as a result of their tasking long-distance relationship and continued divergent career paths among other challenges when she came to the country she always came to visit me with her tourist visa and she cannot work in the country she then recently asked me if I can allow her to go stay in Italy and get formal employment there. Because she stayed in my house doing nothing I granted her the wish.”

We ended the relationship on a mutual agreement.  What was shocking is that the two were planning to get married and that they were planning the wedding and he was expected to pay a dowry payment of 80 million. 

And he went on to ask Kenyans to help him fundraise when the time comes.