Charlene Ruto: Kenya’s Ivanka Trump

She is President William Ruto’s second-eldest child and calls herself Kenya’s First Daughter, but social media users are asking why Charlene Ruto seems to be meeting so many government ministers and taking foreign trips.

In the months since her father was elected president, local media report that Ms Ruto has met several county officials across Kenya as well as ministers abroad.

Similar concerns were raised when former US President Donald Trump was first elected and his daughter Ivanka attended meetings with her father as an unofficial advisor. Mr Trump later appointed Ivanka to an official government role.

On Thursday, Charlene Ruto said on Twitter she’d met Morocco’s youth minister, Mohammed Mehdi, for a “conversation and exchange of ideas that will go a long way in shaping youth development projects for both nations”

Some Kenyans are now asking, who is footing the bill for all these meetings, and are they in an official capacity?