Scottish Employee Sued For Attempting To Run Over Kenyan Worker

An employee of a Scottish tea company has been accused of attempting to run over a Kenyan farm worker who is suing the firm for damages.

It is one of a number of allegations made against Aberdeen-registered James Finlay Kenya Ltd (JFKL).

The firm is fighting a class action lawsuit at the Court of Session.

Two thousand current and ex-employees claim they suffered musculoskeletal injuries while working on JFKL farms in Kenya’s Kericho region.

Lawyers representing the farm workers allege the firm has breached an undertaking it gave to Scotland’s supreme civil court that it would not intimidate any of the litigants.

In the latest hearing on the case, Andrew Smith KC told the Court of Session in Edinburgh that one of the farm workers was walking along a remote road in Kenya when a truck driven by a JFKL employee “tried to run him over”.

Mr Smith said the worker managed to jump into bushes, before the driver “told him he was being targeted because he was suing JKFL”.

The court heard further allegations over events at a meeting between the farm workers and their lawyers.

Mr Smith said a confidential legal file was stolen at the meeting by an individual working for JFKL, and photographs of the workers were taken by members of JFKL’s security team.

He told the court that “something of an altercation took place” and the security team’s mobile phones were “confiscated”.

Mr Smith claimed one of the workers was later assaulted by local police officers.

“There’s the most gross intimidation taking place of those who are suing JFKL and they are being targeted because they are suing JFKL,” said Mr Smith.

“There’s a feeling that the police are JKFL’s police. JKFL need to take steps to stop this immediately.”