Narok Police Forgo Meals To Feed The Hungry

Written By Vanessa Kariuki ||

The country’s drought-stricken families received food donations from officers at the Narok Town police station.

The vulnerable families were struggling to put food on the table, according to Frederick Shiundu, the commander of the Narok Central Sub County Police.

He said the officers gave up their day’s lunch to buy food for the families.

The county’s population will not go to bed hungry thanks to the police chief’s request that those who are wealthy assist in providing food to the vulnerable groups.

He gave a speech yesterday at the Narok Town Police Station where he delivered the food to the Red Cross Society for distribution.

He claimed that many locals have a false impression that police are heartless individuals, which is untrue.

“We are not ignorant of what is happening in the country. Some families are starving because of the persistent drought. We give the food as a sign of love and we will continue doing so,” he said.

Sylestine Ogutu, the coordinator of the Narok Red Cross Society, praised the police for their thoughtful action and urged any locals with surplus food to donate it through their office for distribution.

The food will be allocated to the county’s most vulnerable families, according to Ms. Ogutu, following consultation with the County Steering Group (CSG).

Two bags of maize (each weighing 90 kilograms), one bag of beans (also 90 kilograms), 30 liters of cooking oil, 100 kilos of sugar, 100 kilograms of rice, and 12 dozen bags of maize floor are among the food items provided by the Narok Central Sub County Police.

To lessen the consequences of the drought, the government has given each of the eight sub counties in the county 400 bags of rice and 160 bags of beans.

At a previous CSG meeting, Isaac Masinde, the commissioner for Narok County, revealed that around 115 000 families and another 300 000 school-age children in the county were in desperate need of food.