Coast sidelines BBI process, Here is why

There is a deafening silence on the push for BBI campaigns in the Coast, a situation now causing concerns on whether the region will vote for it or reject it altogether. – By Ramadhan Kambi.

Unlike in Central Kenya where the wind is clear that the region might not pass the recommendations, at the Coast the once highly campaigned document has suddenly gone down the drain with the leaders who are pushing for it, currently taking what is clearly known as a back seat. 

The region is currently also experiencing a lot of divisions among the leaders, a move that has baffled the residents who are eagerly waiting for them to lead the way. 

According to a political analyst Kazungu Katana, the talk of the BBI in the region has gone down after the locals discovered that selling the narrative does not fit well with the communities. 

“There is a problem because at first the leaders thought that the region would easily adopt and pass the document but it is becoming clear that a resistance is in the offing. It is not going to be an easy thing to sell the BBI to the people,” said Mr Katana in an interview with Uzalendo News. 

Mr Katana said residents at the Coast, hit hard by the economic downturn have also lost faith in the document and this adds to the continued challenges facing the document. 

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“The locals feel cheated by their leaders and the Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) which has been advocating for the passage of the document is also facing dwingling support at the Coast,” said Mr Katana. 

He said that with such kind of approach, the document is quickly losing its importance to the people and the Coast region might follow central which has put its case very clear. 

“Central is bold and the move by Senator Irungu Kang’ata was a clear indication that the locals are ready to boycott it. The same scenario might be replicated in the Coast,” he added.