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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Comedian Idris Sultan in trouble for ‘Photoshopping’ President Magufuli

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Hilarious Idris has landed himself in hot soup served by the President of Tanzania Regional Commander’s office.

A state officer who happens to be abreast with social media has criticized the famed comedian for what he termed as a mockery to the President of Tanzania.

On Magufuli’s birthday, Idris Sultan sought to do something special, a thought that led him to ‘swap jobs’ with the stern President Magufuli. He uploaded edited photos of the president like him, and him as president…

Photoshopped image of Idris Sultan, seated at the Tanzanian President’s office | PHOTO COURTESY

Paul Makonda, the Tanzanian Regional Commissioner ordered for him to report to the nearest police station, saying that Idris does not know the boundaries of his job.

“Naona mipaka ya kazi yako huijuwi. Nenda sasa hivi kituo chochote cha polisi uwaambie Makonda kaniambie nije utakuta ujumbe wako (I see you don’t know your job’s boundaries. Go to any police station and tell them I sent you, you will find your message),” wrote the regional commander.

However, the Tourism minister came to the rescue of Idris. He vowed to take up legal action against the commissioner if he went ahead to arrest Idris.

“… Inform me if he’s arrested, I’ll provide a lawyer and bail him out. Our president is a people’s person evident in how citizens have prayed for him on his birthday. They have shown him, love,” wrote Hamisi Kigwangalla.

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