Man Who found $5000 In Parking Lot, Charged With Felony

Written By Lisa Murimi | 

A seemingly serendipitous discovery turned into a legal ordeal for a Connecticut man who stumbled upon a bag containing nearly $5,000 in a bank parking lot.

Robert Withington, 57, unexpectedly found the money outside a Trumbull bank on May 30.

However, what he deemed a stroke of luck has now led to a third-degree larceny charge after he opted to keep the cash.

Withington expressed that he hadn’t premeditated the act, equating it to winning the lottery, and he asserted that he didn’t perceive his action as theft.

Little did he know, this impulsive decision would set off a chain of events culminating in legal consequences.

Trumbull Police detectives embarked on an investigation, unveiling that the bag, marked with the bank’s emblem and containing identifying documents, had accidentally been dropped outside the bank and subsequently picked up by Withington.

What followed were months of intense scrutiny, including interviews, warrants, and meticulous analysis of surveillance footage.

As detectives delved into the circumstances surrounding Withington’s actions, they posed questions about his presence at the bank that fateful day and his choice to retain the discovered bag of money.

Consequently, he found himself charged with third-degree larceny, a felony carrying the potential for incarceration and fines.

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