• The Federation of Public Transport Sector addressed the media and general public in a show of solidarity with the government’s efforts to fight the coronavirus. — BY ENOCK MUKOMA

The federation’s chairman, Edwin Mukabanah, was in the company of the Permanent Secretary at the State Department of Transport, Charles Hinga and other stakeholders.

He said that the federation is well aware of the coronavirus pandemic and is likely to disrupt public transport operations if all fail to follow the MOH laid down procedures in the public Health Act cap 242.

95% of Kenyans use public transport on daily basis around the metropolis, the sector has employed hundreds of youths and the federation is sorry that those employed are exposed to the corona danger. However FPTS thanks the crew for the courage to continue amidst the corona scare.

‘’It is in view of this FPTS would like to assure His Excellency the president Uhuru Kenyatta that we in the public transport industry  support efforts the government is putting in place to ensure this corona virus pandemic is eliminated’’ said the FPTS chairman.

The chairman urged all players in the industry to maintain a high standard of self-hygiene, wearing clean clothes and washing their hands oftenly.

Bus attendant handing out Sanitizer to passengers boarding a Nairobi Bus

He urged crews to avail sanitizers in their buses for passengers before boarding, ensuring vehicles are neat and disinfected.

Vehicle windows should be kept open during traveling, reduce cash handling and using saliva while counting money, he confirmed that they are in discussion with Safaricom to facilitate cashless system.

Other measures include no purchase of foodstuffs while onboard, crew to be screened daily ‘crew to ensure buses go through stops set aside for screening on route if provided.

Moreover, the crew should report any suspicious cases on through telephone no 719, USSD code *719, call toll free no 0800721316, 0729471414 or 0732353535.

Long distance operators were also advised to keep passenger manifest to assist in traceability in case a case is recorded after the journey. The operators are required to tune in to stations that update on COVID-19

Health worker spraying Nairobi Streets

The transport federation also urged Kenyans to observe a one-meter distance in bus stops and boarding and lighting should be done in a manner that reduces contact.

County and multi-agency committee on covid 19

The federation demanded that the multi-agency should make water available at all bus terminals and informal settlements, avail certified points where vehicles can be taken for disinfection at governments expense, to aid the discussion with Safaricom in the providence of a quick mobile fare payment plan, check temperatures, train staff and avail public health officers all over the stations.

They further demanded that the government set up an economic stimulus that will stop financiers from foreclosing in this eminent loan default regime, the government should remove the many charges levied on matatus, waive county charges, music copyright charges among others to cushion the operators from the effects.

They also demanded that Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authourity[ NAMATA] under Nairobi metropolis services be funded to fully take charge of organizing and managing transport in the metropolis.