Could the Fake Gold Scam be the Fault in Matiang’i that Everyone was Looking for?

He is unwavering in terms of execution of his duties, a dear to Kenyans and at one point a potential aspirant for the top seat, as dreamt by Kenyans. He is Dr. Fred Matiang’i

Being summoned in Committees to respond to his aggressive behavior and directives, The Interior National Government minister has not bowed to any pressure to stop him from execution of his duties.

This eventually led Matiangi to develop strong enemies, enemies who target faults in his execution because they lacked any hitch in his execution of duties.

But is this it? The one domino that changes the game forever? The controversial ‘Leaked telephone call’ between Wetangula and Dubai business men tied to the Dubai prince?

Wetangula is currently under investigations over an alleged gold scam and in the leaked phone call he happened to mention some powerful people in government, the deeply romanced duo, Uhuru and Raila Odinga.

Matiang’i, Raila, Uhuru mentioned in Wetangula Fake Gold Scam

However Matiangi was also mentioned in the phone call.

In the snap of a finger politicians opposing the very able Dr. Fred, are up and running, calling for the Resignation of the said minister citing he should be investigated. Same politicians that ran around screaming ‘mtu wetu’ when members of their clan were implicated in corruption cases.

Kenyan politicians have an interesting trend of handling corruption cases that makes it harder and harder to take them seriously. It is a high time that Kenyans be woke and sober when heading to the polls; to avoid electing these slay queen politicians and drama kings.

The ODPP has directed that the leaked phone call shouldn’t be shared, as it would jeopardize the ongoing case.