Court Halts Parking Fee Hike By Nairobi County

A judge has extended orders stopping Nairobi County from increasing parking fees from Sh200 to Sh400. The temporary order will be in place until April 21, when the case will be heard. – By John Mutiso.

Judge Anthony Mrima extended the order on Wednesday after a plea by COFEK and the Matatu Owners Association.The county had last year issued a notice to increase parking fees which would see matatu owners pay Sh1,000 daily.

However, the Consumer Federation of Kenya(COFEK), through lawyer Henry Kurauka, protested the decision, arguing it would hurt consumers seeking transport and parking services within the CBD area.

The order suspending the increase was first issued by Justice James Makau.Justice Makau said there should be no more parking fee hike until the case filed against it is heard and determined.

“There is no reasonable cause to increase parking fees at a time when most consumers are struggling to provide basic amenities for their families such as food, housing, healthcare, school fees, clothing, fuel, airtime, transport and expenses for other important social activities,” he said.