CS Munya hints merger between NCPB and Strategic Food Reserve

Agriculture ad Livestock Cabinet Secretary has assured the country of enough food within government stores.

He said that the ministry is trying to reform in a manner that will ease operations.

In a press statement, the ministry is considering a warehouse system of storage to improve storage, quality, and avoid poor handling systems.

NCPB, SFR Merger.

The ministry is also planning a merger between the National Cereals and Produce Board and the Strategic Food Reserve.

The ministry is also seeking to open up cereal boards to farmers for storage at a fee.

Subsidized Fertilizer

The ministry also announced a pilot program to have farmers get an  E-VOUCHER.

The voucher will enable the farmers get fertilizer directly from the retailers at a subsidized price as opposed to the current system that is cartel infiltrated.

He said they are trying out and will soon communicate on the progress.