CS Munya: Local Potato Farmers To Supply KFC

Written By Mary Mumbua | |

Agriculture CS Peter Munya now claims that a contract has been reached for a group of Kenyan farmers to supply KFC with potatoes.

According to the CS, the said farmers are ready and well equipped to produce the high standard potato varieties that KFC demands when sourcing ingredients to make chips for its customers.

“We have actually agreed with KFC to work together. They have identified the people they want to work with to start rolling out particular varieties that they have partners who do it the way they want it done and I think there is a team already working on the rollout” the CS said in an address in Nairobi on Wednesday during the 4th intergovernmental Forum for agriculture.

“We have come up with a plan on how to grow those particular varieties that KFC requires and to ensure that we have varieties that please the palate of those interested in KFC chips”

The CS similarly urged farmers who will not be supplying KFC with potatoes to continue cultivating the food crop, citing that only 5 percent of the country’s cumulative potato harvest is used in making chips as such farmers have many alternative opportunities to sell their produce.

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