CS Tuya Holds Meeting On How To Deal With Forest Fires

    Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry Hon.Soipan Tuya, together with the Principal Secretary State Department for Forestry Mr. Ephantus Kimotho, yesterday took an aerial view of the Mau Forest Complex.

    They witnessed the extent of Forest degradation by wildfires.

    There has been hundred and Eighty (180) incidences of Wildfires since December 2022, in Kenya, hundred and twenty-nine (129) of those incidences being at the Mau Complex in the past fortnight.

    They, also held a town hall with Community Forest Association leaders from the Mau Conservancy, to agree on modalities of Forest Conservation Protection and Management including dealing with Forest Fires.

    The CS said that the Ministry has this week benefited from a grant of the French Government to help with Forest Fire Management.

    The project will be for five years and will involve building capacity of Kenya Forest Services staff on dealing with Forest fires and also help in setting up regional and National coordination responses as well as technological detection of wildfires.