Daddy Owen Reveals He’s Been Celibate for 2 Years

Gospel musician Daddy Owen has sparked outrage with his latest revelation: he has been celibate for the past two years, and a relationship is the furthest thing from his mind.

The musician, who divorced his wife two years ago, says he is not looking for a relationship because he believes it is pointless.

In a now-viral phone interview, he told Milele FM that he already has a child and is so preoccupied with work that he doesn’t see the point in getting a wife.

“Sitaki mwanamke Kwa maisha yangu, am busy kazi ni mingi, tena mtoto ninaye, Sasa nini ingine.( I am not looking for a woman in my life, am busy with alot of work. Also I have a child so there is no other reason to get a wife)

This contradicted Owen’s claims recently, noting that he was searching for his missing rib.

The singer caused quite a stir when he revealed the qualities he was looking for in a woman. He said he was not only looking for a village lady, but the lady must also be totally dark in color and prayerful as well.

Asked about the age range, the musician said he is looking for a lady who is either in her late 20s or early 30s.

“If I get someone right now I am very willing to settle down. I want her to be prayerful and from the village. The ones in Nairobi are already too spoilt. I want one from the village who by the time she starts knowing the ways of Nairobi I will have led her in the right path,” Daddy Owen said on Instagram. 

The list would not be complete without Owen mentioning the level of education; he specified that he wants a lady who is a form 4 graduate.