DCI arrests woman caught on CCTV spiking a ‘client’ drink

Photo courtesy - Adobe Stock

Detectives from the Nyali DCI offices have arrested a woman who is suspected to have drugged a victim in a club before robbing him of his millions. – By Gerald Gekara.

According to the police, the victim was accompanied by the woman, Beatrice Mueni Mbiu aged 24 years, in a Nyali-based Club in Nyali. After successfully getting him to pass out, she thereafter stole his phone and transferred Ksh 1.7 Million from his bank account.

The incident was captured on the club’s security cameras on the fateful day. Two other assailants believed to have hatched the plan with the culprit, are still on the run since the incident was reported on 8th September.

Beatrice was positively identified by the victim. She will be arraigned next week as search for the other two continues