Dennis Itumbi sues Media Houses for misreporting’ his job at State House

Controversial Dennis Itumbi, hit back at Media Houses for reporting that he had been kicked out of State House and demoted to work at Deputy President William Ruto’s office.

Itumbi, who took to K24 TV‘s Punchline on Sunday night, October 20, hit at Anne Kiguta for allegedly misreporting that the Strategist Communications Office had been disbanded.

“When was the PSCU disbanded? I think media houses are confused like you were when you were scripting your introduction.

“PSCU was never disbanded. Where is the letter? When were people kicked out? Maybe you have a letter I didn’t see. When was it disbanded?” Itumbi wondered.

He went on to clarify that he would sue K24, Nation and Standard media houses and threatened to open defamation suits if they did not conform to a 14-day demand letter to have them respond to his suit.

“I have sued this media house, Nation and Standard. I have given them demand letters and by the end of 14 days, I will open defamation suits on them. It is unfair for a mainstream media to perpetuate lies hoping that they will turn out to be true,” Itumbi lamented.