Dr Dre to pay ex-wife 219 million shillings, after recovering from brain aneurysm

 The music mogul 55 who’s estimated net worth is 87 billion   agreed to pay his ex-wife Nicole Young 219 million to cover her expenses as their divorces nears.

The two have been married for 24 years and Nicole said that their differences can never be reconciled. So for now Dr Dre will give her the 219 million for the next few months until they can both agree on a definite figure.

The two have two kids a son called Truice 24 yrs. old and daughter Truly 20 years. And since they are all grown up there won’t be a push and pull about child support.

Their next hearing is set for April 14th    2021  where Nicole Will  ask for her definite amount and also ask Dre to compensate her expenses.

Dr Dre is in hospital following a life threatening brain aneurysm and he was taken to ICU where he is being treated  , he was able to address his fans and told them he was stable and doing fine and he thanked the medics and to everyone who sent him goodwill messages.

Brain aneurysm: is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the vessel, with the buildup of pressure in the blood vessel it can cause it to bulge outwards like a balloon.