EACC to auction graft suspects property

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Parastatal Executives and directors of state corporations will have their assets auctioned if a new law being driven by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission(EACC) is gazetted.

The new law will also see corrupt officers barred from holding public office.

 The new legislation will also allow the state to auction assets of the suspects.

The new law in parliament seeks to ban any corrupt officer serving in any public office for life.

According to an article published in the Business Daily the new law seeks to bar anyone convicted of an offence from serving as a public officer for good which is an upgrade from the current law that only bars one for 10 years.

It also aims and intends the accused to be fully responsible of the crimes he/she has committed by paying back cash equivalent to the losses incurred hence giving the state full permission to auction their assets.

The Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes (Amendment) Bill 2019 aims to have the executives and directors take personal monetary responsibilities for their corrupt dealings.

Such amendments have been triggered by the rising economic crimes and abuse of public offices.