Editorial: Deal decisively with defilement and abortion


The Catholic Church has been loud on its condemnation of teenage pregnancies and the breakdown in ethical values in Kenya.

Through Bishop Anthony Ireri Mukobo, Apostolic of Isiolo, the Church was clear on its stand on pregnancy: that all children conceived must be born, leaving no room for debate on abortion.

This is as it should be.

Even though some of these pregnancies arise from defilement and rape, mass murder in the form and practice of abortion must never be allowed to happen under whatever circumstances.

The upshot of this is simple. The community, the family unit, the village elders, and others must bear responsibility for societal breakdown.

The Law is clear on defilement. Sexual penetration to a girl below the age of 18 years amounts to defilement.

This notwithstanding whether the girl is a virgin or has given birth to one or more children.

The consequence of the above is that all pregnant girls below the age of 18 were defiled, and those responsible should rot in jail.

As the good bishop said, Kenyans must stop treating symptoms and deal decisively with graft and other ills that affect our society.

All smelling dogs must be removed from society to rid it of the bad smell.

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