Editorial: Probe Sonko claims on Uhuru 2022 politics

    mike sonko
    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko | PHOTO COURTESY

    Listening to Nairobi City Governor Mike Sonko speak, a gut feeling emerges that dangerous political camps are developing – By Henry Kimoli.

    During a live Citizen TV interview, Sonko appeared to suggest that only a deal between DP William Ruto and Raila Odinga will guarantee a peaceful 2022 poll.

    Mike Sonko is the Governor of the city that is the seat of power. And therefore is qualified, however naively to utter this hypothesis.

    His argument is that both leaders command sizeable political following in Kenya.

    He appears to suggest that the system, aka deep state is favoring one of these leaders, in the process of fuelling poll discontent in 2022.

    This is dangerous and reckless talk.

    For a start, Sonko, like other leaders are bound by the law and must weigh their words wisely.

    The tone of his remarks is laced with innuendo on how Kenyans must vote. This is unacceptable.

    Kenya is bigger than both Raila and Ruto and its voters are not under any obligation to vote for either of them.

    Or is Sonko suggesting that the duo is the reason violence in 2007?

    Notwithstanding Sonko’s allegiances and wild political partnerships, he and other leaders must be held accountable for their utterances, verbal and non-verbal.

    Concealed, inciteful statements must be analyzed and caution statements made in readiness to the post-2022 poll.

    This is not out of the ordinary… it’s part of the pre and post-2022 political risk management process.

    And while at it, the executive, must be allowed to do its work.

    The police should play their row of preventing crime without fear or favor.

    This includes the arrest of leaders such as Senators, Governors, and Cabinet Secretaries. Or whomsoever else.

    Elected leaders, whether in a parade or conference are not above the law. They must gracefully accept their predicament and deal with the consequences.