Editorial: We pay the bills..updates on Kibaki, Raila health a MUST

raila kibaki health

The health and well being of our leaders is of utmost concern to the people of Kenya. And for good reasons. We look upon our leaders for political direction, economic traction, and at rare times spiritual guidance.

In the last week, there have been rumors galore about the health of retired President Mwai Kibaki and the People’s “President” Raila Amolo Odinga.

In both in cases, the rumors gained traction due to lack of information on the status of the two “public properties”, for that is what Raila and Kibaki are.

In Kenya, the poise of the immortality of our leaders has been advanced, albeit naively for a long time. To the extent that Kenyans are now fed up about the lack of information flow concerning the health of our leaders.

In the civilized world, and Kenya can stake this claim, updates on medical procedures performed on Presidents are periodically given.
When Boris Johnson, the UK Premier tested positive to Covid-19, the news was syndicated live to a shocked world.
Nothing was withheld.

Kenyans pay for the medical bills of former President Kibaki. And those of Raila, Kalonzo Musyoka, and even President Uhuru Kenyatta. There is nothing confidential about sickness anymore, as long as the immediate family has been informed.

As such, we demand and deserve to know when our leaders catch a cold, a down with Malaria, or have been afflicted by COVID-19. They are our leaders, not the private property of their families.


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