Farmer Charged For Deceiving NCPB Depot

A farmer in Court for deceiving the NCPB depot that he had a farm measuring 1050 acres hence obtaining 4304 bags of fertilizer fraudulently disadvantaging other farmers.

Benjamin Mosbey Kuto, the farmer, is said to have approached the National Cereals and Produce Board depots on diverse dates between July and October 2023 where he tricked the Board that he has a land measuring 1050 acres on which he was carrying out crop farming.

Kuto by means of the fraudulent tricks obtained 4,304 bags of fertilizer worth Ksh 21,520,000 but subsidized by the Government to a price of Ksh 10,760,000.

The NCPB believes that the accused could not have obtained the fertilizer were it not for the fraudulent tricks.

Appearing before Milimani Chief Magistrate Lucas Onyina, the accused denied the charges and he was detained in custody pending the hearing of his bond/ bail application.

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