First Lady resurfaces at a virtual seminar

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has resurfaced from State House, after being Missing in Action since the COVID-19 struck Kenya.

While appearing at a virtual seminar on technology, the First Lady called for enhanced digital inclusion for persons with disabilities so as to eliminate technological barriers that prevent them from accessing services.

“Most affected by the pandemic have been vulnerable, blind and visually impaired persons who, due to their circumstances, have faced multiple forms of digital exclusion such as lack of computer assistive technology, inaccessible websites or online content,” the First Lady noted.

The First Lady emphasized the need to scale up digital access and inclusion by adopting regional and global best practices to ensure young people with disabilities are not left behind in contributing to Kenya’s development.

The First Lady commended Kenya’s Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs for its recent launch of a new inclusive National Information, Communication and Technology Policy that prioritizes access and inclusion of technology for persons with disabilities.

“This new policy is a significant step in the development of new standards for digital accessibility and I look forward to its implementation,” the First Lady said.

While praising Kenyan industries and businesses for investing in innovations for inclusive digital services, the First Lady called for more investment in interventions that serve children with disabilities so as to equip them with modern technological capabilities from an early age.

“And that more investment will be allocated towards education and digital training and employment of youth with disabilities,” the First Lady said.