Fisherman Goes Missing After Boat Capsizes Into Indian Ocean

A fisherman has gone missing after a boat capsized in the deep waters of the Indian Ocean off the Jomo Kenyatta public beach in Bamburi, Mombasa County.

According to police, the man drowned after the 7 p.m. incident.

He was with two friends who swam for hours to safety before being rescued by other fishermen in the area. The two were immediately rushed to the hospital.

According to one of the survivors, their friend was overwhelmed by the waves and may have drowned.

“The strong waves overpowered the boat and tossed us inside the ocean, we were left to fight for our own survival”. he said.

The two survivors are said to have swum in the deep waters of the ocean for more than five hours.

They are in stable condition and continue to recover in the hospital.

The incident was reported to the Nyali police station, and authorities say they have no information about the missing fisherman as of now.

The search and recovery operation has begun, and authorities are asking members of the public to volunteer information if they see any floating body in the ocean.

Fishermen have been warned to be wary of changing weather patterns in the Indian Ocean, where strong winds and high waves have caused small fishing vessels to capsize.