-February 20, 2013: FKF, under Sam Nyamweya, appoints Mr. Adel Amrouche as Harambee Stars coach on a one-year contract
-December 2013: FKF, under Sam Nyamweya, hands Mr. Adel Amrouche an improved 5-year contract effective January 2014 after Harambee Stars won the 2013 CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup
-June 7, 2014: Adel Amrouche allegedly spits on a referee during Harambee Stars’ Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier against Comoros
-July 18, 2014: Confederation of African Football (CAF) Disciplinary Committee finds Mr. Adel Amrouche guilty of misconduct. The coach is handed a one-year suspension.

-August 3, 2014: FKF, under Sam Nyamweya, unprocedural terminates Mr. Adel Amrouche’s contract after he was suspended by CAF
-August 5, 2014: FKF, under Sam Nyamweya, appoints Mr. Bobby Williamson to replace Mr. Amrouche
-August 18, 2014: CAF Appeals Board reduces Mr. Amrouche’s ban to six months following a successful appeal by FKF. The ban is also backdated to be effective May 30, 2014.
-February 2016: Nick Mwendwa is elected FKF President. CAF also lifts Mr. Adel Amrouche’s six-match ban
-March 2016: Both Mr. Amrouche and Mr. Williamson claim to have running contracts with FKF. (Amrouche – 5 Years/Bobby – Open Contract)
April 2016: Mr. Amrouche files a case at the FIFA Player Status Committee demanding compensation for wrongful dismissal
-August 2017: FIFA communicates the decision of the Players Status Committee to award Mr. Amrouche KES 65 Million plus interest that had accrued since July 2014
-September 2017: Mr. Amrouche appeals to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) as he was not satisfied with the amount that was awarded to him by FIFA’s Players Status Committee. FKF also files a petition at CAS contesting the amount awarded to Amrouche
-September 2019: CAS makes a ruling on the matter, awarding Mr. Amrouche KES 108,194,863 in compensation for wrongful dismissal.
December 2019: CAS directs FKF to pay Mr. Amrouche a further KES 1,181,511, bringing the whole amount to a total of KES 109,376,374

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-February 28, 2020: FIFA Disciplinary Committee writes to FKF instructing the Federation to pay the amount owed to Mr. Amrouche or risk sanctions
-March 3, 2020: FKF requests FIFA for more time to settle the payment owed to Mr. Amrouche

-March 5, 2020: FIFA informs FKF that they have been granted 6 days to complete the payment
-March 24, 2020: —FIFA Disciplinary Committee directs FKF to pay within 30 days or risk sanctions, amongst others, expulsion from FIFA competitions. FKF is also fined KES 3,243,241