Fresh Sh.1.9B SGR scandal haunts Swazuri, Treasury accountants

FORMER National Land Commission boss Dr. Mohammed Swazuri | PHOTO COURTESY

FORMER National Land Commission  boss  Dr. Mohammed Swazuri , top Treasury mandarins  are faced with imminent arrest for illegally Sh.1.9billion to the African Oil  and Gas Company, based in Mombasa.

The money was compensation for a lucrative chunk of land near the port of Mombasa where the SGR is build.

It is understood that the cash was hurriedly paid during the festive season in 2016, specifically on17th December when most staff are on recess for Christmas.

Mombasa – Nairobi SGR Land compensation values

Paradoxically, the NLC never contested the High Court order stopping them from paying the  compensation of Sh. 1.9 billion. It is also understood that the NLC had earlier flagged the ownership of the land in question…but went ahead to authorize the Sh.1.9b compensation.

The directors of the African Gas Company are well connected  in Kenya and have interests in the energy, transport  and telecommunications sectors.

The African Gas and Oil yard next to the disputed land. The firm was paid Ksh 1.9 Billion by the NLC , through circumvention of a court order

The real owner of the land, according to NLC is a diseased  billionaire , Kamau Ngotho.

To defeat justice, interested parties moved to the Court of Appeal and authored a civil appeal no.44 of 2016. But they failed to enjoin the Kamau Ngotho advocates to the suit.

As such, Court of  Appeal Judges Asike Makhadia, and Kathurima M’inoti quashed the ruling, setting the way for conspiracy by the parties(SEE ATTACHED COURT RULING).

Also roped in the probe is Kenya Railways, directors of the African Gas  Company  and a leading political operative.

It is understood that DCI George Kinoti is now following  the complicated web of how the Sh.1.9billion was shared… to establish whether a crime was committed or not.