Good News to Importers in Kenya: Get US Dollars at the rate of KES 130 using ACNCOIN

As the Kenyan Shilling continues to drop its value at the exchange rate against the US Dollar, some Kenyan businessmen have opted to use cryptocurrency called ACNCOIN to shield their hard-earned money from losing value.

This comes as a relief to Kenyan importers who lose money at the exchange rate.

The ACNCOIN is a decentralized digital currency that shields you from the effects of inflation. It can be used worldwide. With it, you buy a US Dollar using the ACNCOIN at KES 130. In the coming weeks, it is projected that you will be able to use one (1) ACNCOIN to purchase $0.5.

A section of Kenyan businessmen who have exploited the use of ACNCOIN is set to have a series of consultative meetings with Kenyan government officials on public sensitisation about ACNCOIN ahead of its official launch in Kenya. They will also discuss how the usage of ACNCOIN will help the Kenyan government raise more revenue in the form of taxes and shield businessmen from losing value for their Kenyan Shilling on import transactions.

Global inflation has greatly affected Kenyan entrepreneurs who purchase and import products. At times, they have had to get a single US Dollar with a high exchange rate of up to KES 152. With the current trend where the value of the Kenyan Shilling against the US Dollar is dwindling, the ACNCOIN is the relief that all importers in Kenya need.

The coin is trending globally for giving importers value for their money and Kenya shouldn’t be left out.

With the ACNCOIN, your hard-earned money won’t have to lose value when you handle business transactions for imports. As an importer, the ACNCOIN gives value for your money.

The ACNCOIN comes with numerous benefits to Kenyan importers. The ACNCOIN will help reduce the skyrocketing exchange rate between the Kenyan Shilling and the US Dollar. In the coming weeks, you will be able to use one (1) ACNCOIN to purchase $0.5, equivalent to around KES 76. Isn’t that the best news in 2023?

This is a presale stage for the ACNCOIN which is its first stage. In the second stage, the ACNCOIN’s value will go up. One (1) ACNCOIN will get you $5. The ACNCOIN’s exchange rate while trading with the US Dollar for business imports will strengthen the Kenyan Shilling and benefit all importers from Kenya and the Kenyan economy.