Govt to Set-up 29 Emergency Operation Centres and Establish KNPHI

Kenya is currently in the process of setting up 29 emergency operation centres around the country as well as the Kenya National Public Health Institute (KNPHI).

These programmes are in line with the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), which emphasises digital health services, universal social health insurance, and universal health coverage (UHC).

In a speech mentioned by Dr. Sultani Matendechero, Acting Director General of Health at the State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards, during the official opening of the 8th AFENET Scientific Conference in Mombasa today, Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha S. Wafula emphasised Kenya’s dedication to these initiatives and the ambitious programme aimed at extending UHC to every village, involving over 100,000 community health promoters.

A number of other important topics were covered at the conference, such as initiatives to support regional health product manufacturing, talks about health issues associated with climate change, potential economic opportunities, cross-border surveillance, antimicrobial stewardship, and the digitization of health systems to improve public health.

In order to build more resilient public health systems in Africa, the conference emphasises the value of cooperation and research-based decision-making.

Kenya has demonstrated its commitment to implementing the World Health Organization’s mandate of one epidemiologist for every 200,000 people by successfully educating over 250 epidemiologists.