Green Jiko: Kwale distributes ‘Rocket Jikos’ invention to residents


In efforts to meet Kenya’s green energy requirements and reduce emissions, the Kwale County Government has launched energy-saving jikos to minimize burning trees for charcoal and save the environment – By Gerald Gekara

Spear headed by Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani, the project is meant to help curb health complications and deforestation associated with traditional sources of energy.

“The environmental-friendly jikos use less firewood compared to the local jikos which will boost efforts in conserving the environment,” she said.

The project, according to Achani, is also meant to reduce the time spent spent on fetching firewood and also reduce breathing illnesses induced by smoke.

The ‘Rocket’ jikos will be distributed to residents through the county’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The jikos are designed with twin burners, and lined with bricks inorder to reduce the amount of energy escping the enclosures.

The project, according to the Achani, is meant to focus on the youth and people with disabilities to ensure they get access to clean cooking solutions, while providing employment opportunities to masons withing the county.

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