Health CS Sicily Kariuki confirms Kenya has No Ebola

The government has confirmed that Ebola is not in Kenya.. yet.

In a statement seen by Uzalendo News team, Health Ministry Cabinet secretary Sicily Kariuki has confirmed that the patient exhibiting Ebola like symptoms had tests run to identify the deadly virus, returned negative results

“The Rapid Surveillance and Response Team has examined the patient at Kericho who had travelled from Malaba town on the Kenya-Uganda Border who is in stable condition and confirms that she DOES NOT meet the case definition for Ebola ” CS Sicily Kariuki, Ministry of Health CS.

However she added that stringent measures are being put in place to curb the spread of the deadly virus into the country, including boarder check points, airports and sea ports.

“I wish to reassure all Kenyans and our visitors that we do not have any cases of Ebola and indeed the ministry has undertaken and continues to implement the preparedness measures,” Sicily Kariuki said, during a tour of JKIA port of entry office

The DRC outbreak is so far the Second Largest Ebola Outbreak in history. It has killed more than 1,300 people since it began in August last year and has now spread across the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda.
Public health experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday decided not to declare an international emergency, making it less publicized and more likely to spread to neighbouring.