Holiday Nightmare for tourists in Amboseli park as floods wreak havoc

The Kenya Wildlife Service has issued an advisory against travelling to Amboseli National Park for the holidays.

This is due to the ongoing floods and rainfall that has reaked havoc in the game park lodges and access roads, rendering them impassable.

“Following the continuing heavy rains countrywide, some of our National Parks’ roads have been adversely affected, especially Amboseli National Park. The park’s Kimana Gate is periodically flooded and inaccessible as are some parts of the park. ” read the statement.

The wildlife service then went on to alert tourists visiting the park to inquire of the state of the park before visiting it.

“Therefore, all visitors to Amboseli National Park are advised to seek guidance on the status of the road on the park hotline number 0716493335. We will update you on road conditions in other major parks soon,” read the statement.