How Deep state feasted on DP Ruto as Uhuru cheered

Options are now thinning for the vanquished Deputy President William Ruto. After seeing Gideon Moi replace him at the power table in State House, Ruto like so many others before him is politically drowning.- Henry Kimoli.

Like others before him; Ruto has been consumed by the deep state, which he falsely believed he was part and parcel of.
To fully annihilate him, the deep state allowed Ruto to believe that he was the second most powerful person in Kenya ..he was dead wrong because no such vacancy exists here.

The same system vacated Ruto to access state cash with abandon, even pretending to be asleep as the DP amassed wealth of monumental proportions.

Until the hour came…
Out of the blues, fortress Ruto was spiked by junior civil servants under the tutelage of a powerful office of the President clique.

The group leaked confidential corruption dossier about the DP to the media and prosecuted the DP as the doyen of corruption in Kenya.
His boss, President Kenyatta christened Ruto a loitering Young man…the DP, in his usual arrogance or lack of foresight, thought it was a slip of the tongue by a “drunk” confused boss.

He forgot to reckon that play-acting was part of a power play the world over, and that Uhuru was a political lion preying on him. Ruto believes that the Kalenjin nation votes are his for the asking.
But he forgets that he become a DP without the Kamba, Luhya and Luo votes.

The DP typically thinks the Kalenjin nation will die for him…again he is right, the Luo and Luhya nation did it for Raila…so was the Kamba nation for Kalonzo..but they never assumed power.

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What are the options for DP Ruto? Take on Uhuru like a man. Resign and form a formidable opposition. Get the backing of pro-democracy institutions which essentially fund his operations….and await cash from the Political Parties kitty.

No one has an idea of what constitutes the deep state…but this animal is salivating for the political blood of one DP William Ruto.
And like Covid 19, the deep state is an invisible enemy that attacks at will…and has no known vaccine other than the political blood of those it feeds on.

The good thing for Ruto is that he will most likely live to fight another day. Like Raila before him, he can become the King who never ruled but retain the respect of statesman.

Did Ruto overstep his political lane? It looks like he did. Can the deep state render the Kalenjin votes useless as happened in Ukambani in 1997, 2007:, 2013, and 2017? Time will tell.
But suffice however is to say DP Ruto is in big trouble.

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