A WOMAN has given up her high-flying corporate job and spent $50k on tattoos to become a real-life cyborg.

Lina L, from Germany, who now prefers to go by her cyborg name Cigno, gave up her job in tech to be become a tattoo artist in San Francisco, California.

To make cash, she’s gone into tattooing full-time and posts racy photos to her 109k followers on Instagram, flaunting her incredible ink work.

Cigno says she’s always been fascinated with body art and wanted to become a “living piece of art” herself.

One day a “switch slipped” in her head and the model started eating healthily and working out regularly, losing almost four stone.

In 2010, she got her first tattoo and now has more than 50 all over her body – including on her head, face, breasts and butt.

She’s even had horns inserted under her facial skin and a silicone ring put on her chest and hopes to split her tongue in half.

She has also had breast implants, nose surgery, piercings, stretched ear lobes and shaved her head bald to give herself a striking new look.

She’s now raring to become a full-fledged tattoo artist and told Truly she was practising her new trade on her roommate, Lee.

“Today I’m going to tattoo my roommate Lee. I’m feeling so excited and nervous because I’ve only been tattooing as an apprentice.

“In the few weeks we’ve been living together, I for sure want to do a good job otherwise she’s going to kill me.”

Lina said she was unhappy with herself and the way she looked before getting inked, which sparked her years-long transformation.

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“I didn’t like the way I looked in the mirror and I needed to change in order to feel better about myself,” she said.

“My first and one of my biggest transformations was definitely my weight loss a couple years back.

“I lost over 50 pounds, changed my diet, hit the gym hard.

“It’s like a switch that flipped in my head. I understood that the only way to truly become whoever you want to be if you work towards it – every single day.”

She says her family is slowly coming around to her extreme new look but says she wouldn’t change who she is now.

“I feel like I’m still myself, just a better version”.

She added: “There are always going to be haters no matter what you do. There are people who are going to say I disfigured myself or that I must have mental issues. It doesn’t really touch me at all.

“For the future, I hope that I will keep being successful with my modelling, getting to do pictures on people for a living.”