I learned about being Covid -19 positive while I was on set-Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen came back on the screens on January 13th and she went to tell her audience virtually on how she got the virus while on set and forced to bring a whole production to a standstill.

“I was getting ready to tape the show and I was in hair and makeup, getting my face powdered and my extension put in and then my assistant Craig walks in and said you have tested positive for Covid-19 and then everyone around me ran away .it is funny, people just get scared and they run and some haven’t come back since.

I left the studios and every personal contact that had interacted with was also informed. I went home and I had to quarantine and my wife made me sleep in a different room because she wanted the race car bed all to herself I slept for 16 hours for the first three days and I woke up with back spasms and it persisted  and I had to get muscle relaxers

She made it known to the public that she had tested positive on December 10th and that she is following all the proper CDC guidelines.