Jinxed Silverstone Air and two other carriers grounded due to multiple safety violations

Kenya’s airline regulator, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has grounded seven Silverstone Airplanes for a week, in order to complete investigations on the several safety concerns witnessed recently.

At the same time, the operating licenses of two air operators — Safe Air Company (S.A.C.) and Adventures Aloft. SAC exclusively provides air cargo services while Adventures Aloft is a hot air balloon operator.

KCAA Director General Gilbert Kibe who appeared before the Parliamentary Committee on Transport rubbished claims that it was targeting a particular company.

Wheel that came off a Silverstone Air managed Airplane | PHOTO COURTESY

“The reason we picked on Silverstone as an example is because they have been involved in an accident in the recent past. It is not the only airline we are conducting surveillance audit on… We are doing that to almost all airlines,” said Kibe.

Silverstone Air which had been the highlight of October confirmed three incidences caused by its airplanes.

The most recent accident was a complicated maneuver landing after a wheel attached to the third landing gear of its airline fell off during take off.