Jubilee nolonger rosy,as DP Ruto seeks options

Deputy President William Ruto has admitted to a growing rift between him and the President.

Speaking on an interview on a local television Ruto said the current perceived rift between him and the president is an agreed situation.

The situation

“We had UhuruRuto, it was agreed that we may need to tone down on the Ruto part so that we could have Uhuru stand out as the leader of Government,” he said

“My life is easy…You have not heard me complain… The situation between the President and myself is agreed upon…In the 1st term, it was Uhuruto… In the 2nd term, we want to build a legacy for the President…I am the DP and I know my place,”

However, on jubilee party, the DP was critical of forces he believes have hijacked the party but still reserved some hope of revamping the party if there is willingness

“The party has been hijacked by busybodies, conmen and brokers… like Murathe and company, people who have no clue on our philosophy, they were nowhere, we appointed them to those positions, their word has now become the party position,” Ruto said.

“I believe there is a chance to sort out our issues in Jubilee. It would be tragic if we were to lose Jubilee…If Jubilee is hijacked by the brokers, we will make the decision at that point,” he added.

 remarks on graft and investigating bodies,

“The DPP, the courts, the EACC don’t work under instructions. I was against the DCI sensationalizing their investigations. EACC should be given a free hand to do their job. But the general view is investigations should be expedited,” Ruto said.

On deep state

On the issue of the ‘deep state’, Ruto said that it should be directed to those who always believe that the elections must be stolen.

On constitutional changes

“This Constitution change push is from the leaders, not from the people. The people are more concerned about their daily living. Jubilee had no policy position. Maybe when the BBI document is released we may tell the people that this is also a priority,” Ruto said.

The DP added that those participating in elections must be democrats who do not cause conflict by not accepting the outcome of elections.

“We must not demonize the position of opposition. Assuming you create five positions for five big tribes, aren’t we marginalizing the other 33 tribes? The medicine is to nationalize political parties and take the same to the government. My legacy cannot be about changing the Constitution,” Ruto said.

His remarks seem to contradict the president’s remarks as he addressed the nation on Wed when he said the moment to change is now a position that the opposition leader Raila Odinga holds too.

The release of the BBI report will pave way for constitutional changes soon,

 On deep state

On the issue of the ‘deep state’, Ruto said that it should be directed to those who always believe that the elections must be stolen.

“In 2013 and 2017, we won elections fair and square. The 2007 elections were declared in favor of Mwai Kibaki. To know whether elections were fair, it must be subjected to due process through the court. Unfortunately, in 2007 it was not subjected to due process,” He said.