Judge Joel Ngugi Named Jurist Of The Year

Appellate Court Judge Prof Joel Ngugi has been named Jurist of the Year 2022.

Judge Ngugi, who was announced the winner on Friday in Nairobi, said he was surprised to be nominated.

“If my namesake, Mumbi Ngugi, had not previously gotten this prize in 2013, I would have concluded it was an error: that your Nominations Committee intended her – and they made a mistake and phoned me instead.”

Ngugi dedicated the prize to the countless anonymous Kenyans who struggle for the Constitution and constitutionalism every day. He identified himself as only a stand-in for ordinary Kenyans who supported the constitution.

“This is not my prize; it is an award for the common Kenyan who protects and lives the constitution’s ideas every day without even stating it by name,” “I’m merely a go-between for them.” said Justice Ngugi.

The constitution, according to the court, is a strong emancipatory tool for all Kenyans to maintain their dignity, promote social justice, and realize their full human potential.

“There is no greater fulfillment; no greater honor than waking up every morning and coming to work when my job description entails interpreting, giving meaning to, and implementing this radical human rights and governance charter,” he explained.

Even as Kenyans celebrate the constitution’s lifespan, ominous clouds linger, endangering the politics and social fabric, according to Ngugi.