KAM Encourages Women To Venture Into the Manufacturing Space

    In collaboration with TechnoServe, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) held a Women Networking Event yesterday with the goal of improving the efficient marketing and distribution plans used by SMEs engaged in the food processing industry.

    According to Ms. Mary Ngechu, Chair of KAM Women in Manufacturing, women are essential to advancing the nation’s economic objectives, which includes employment development.

    She pointed out that women should take advantage of the many opportunities in the manufacturing sector, particularly in the historically male-dominated subsectors like metal, building and construction, and packing.

    Ngechu emphasised that in order to compete in both domestic and international markets, it is imperative to take advantage of new trends, such as technology

    Ms. Floice Mukabana, CEO of Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency Ag., emphasised that local industries have enormous potential in the export market.

    She went on to say that KEPROBA supports this by conducting in-depth surveys to find export opportunities, organising export market development programmes, providing prospective exporters with customised market intelligence, and encouraging the distinctive identification of Made in Kenya markings.

    Practical tips to improve SMEs’ distribution and marketing strategies were provided by Ms. Cecilia Kimani, Head of General Trade at Capwell Industries Ltd.

    These include developing a unique product offering, identifying your target market to meet their wants, having a solid company plan, and comprehending how to price products in a dynamic, ever-evolving market.

    The forum is part of the #ChangamkaFest2023 that focuses on promoting locally manufactured products in local and export markets.