KANU Expels Its Suspended Secretary-General Nick Salat

On Friday, February 10, the Kenya African National Union (KANU) Party ratified Nick Salat’s immediate removal as secretary general.

The KANU National Executive Council met in Mombasa, Kenya, chaired by party leader Gideon Moi, to discuss Salat’s fate.

“That the report of the National Disciplinary Committee recommending the immediate expulsion of Hon. Nick Salat from the position of the Secretary-General of the party on account of gross misconduct and violation of the party constitution is unanimously adopted,” KANU explained.

KANU stated that the party needed to understand the country’s political situation and recognise the party’s importance in the current political dispensation.

The NEC also directed the national chairman, Gideon Moi, to propose suitable individuals for consideration and adoption to fill vacant national positions, including the Secretary-General, on an interim basis.

The NEC mandated the National Elections Board to immediately develop a mechanism for conducting nationwide grassroots elections before the end of the year to revamp the party’s grassroots structures and enhance national support,” read a statement by KANU.

Salat who had been suspended as the party secretary general failed to show up before a KANU disciplinary committee. 

The committee was formed to probe Salat’s case.

He failed to show up claiming he is not likely to get justice due to the “strategy” adopted by the complainants.

Salat was suspended from the party on December 15 following a national executive council meeting in Nakuru.