When Katy Perry last performed in a Las Vegas nightclub, pizza slices were flying everywhere. People are clamoring for her to keep throwing slices for them after a video of the “Roar” singer doing so went viral.

In one particular video, Perry can be seen dancing in a dark nightclub while wearing a printed pink outfit and listening to the song “In da Getto”by J Balvin and Skrillex

She grabs a slice, puts it on a paper plate, and throws it to the crowd as someone holding a large pizza box stands next to her. The pizza falls to the ground as fans reach out to grab it.

She then launches a second piece into the crowd, which vanishes.

The pop star penned the following on Twitter: “a mother feeding her children.” sharing a video of the event on Twitter.

Online users were in hysterics, making jokes, and wishing they could see Perry throw pizza at them in real life.

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