KeNHA dispatch engineers to deal with roads damaged by floods

Kenya National Highway Authority engineers have been dispatched to flood-prone areas in order to ensure roads destroyed by rains are fixed. By Harry Kimoli.

KeNHA Director General Peter Mundinia said the engineers will cover the entire country to ensure blocked roads are cleared. He said the officers are under firm instructions to ensure roads are repaired within two days.

Among the regions hardest hit are Nyanza, North Rift, Central, and Lower Eastern road networks.

“We have mobilised staff on all regions to ensure fast and efficient repair of roads and bridges”, Engineer Mundinia said.

The heavy rains have massively destroyed the road infrastructure.
As a result, Kenya National Highways Authority resources have been stretched to the limit.

However, emergency repairs undertaken by Performance-Based Contractors have ensured immediate restoration of roads, to make them passable again.

Nearly the whole country is affected by the rain-induced infrastructure destruction. KeNHA Director General said most of the roads had been reopened.

“We have directed emergency repairs to reopen the roads mainly under PBC. Normally, the roads are reopened within two days.
Mundinia said during such emergency situations, road marshals are deployed by KeNHA to divert motorists and alleviate loss of life.

He said KeNHA was assessing the cumulative damage to road infrastructure with a view to determining permanent mitigation measures.
“We cant give a definite answer to the damage cost…but our engineers are on the ground to ensure minimum disruption to traffic”, Mundinia said.

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