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Kenyan youth rank high in doing assignments for Foreign Students

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BY FAITH MUTETE – You may have seen that flashy neighbour who happens to be a student, but on the other hand, hardly steps out in official Uniform or any work tools. That might be a Kenyan online Academic writer.

Due to unavailability of formal job opportunities and lack of money, Kenyan youth now prefer being ghost workers for students in the United States of America and Europe.

They receive academic papers from the students and through research they are able to complete the assignments for them after which they get paid a certain amount of money.

Some prefer this kind of job because it earns them a lot of money compared to a normal job but critics say that it is a way of cheating though there is no law against it.

“If I can make enough money doing a 4 hour research why should i even bother waking up at 4am to go work for peanuts which will waste my energy and time?”  Said one Fred, a post graduate student at KCA University.

Kenyan youths have been identified as the largest takers in the online Academic writting market.

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