Kenyans Angrily Storm Official IMF Page To Protest Loan Approval

Kenyan social media users have stormed the official International Monetary Fund (IMF) page after the financing body approved a Sh255 billion COVID-19 loan to Kenya. – By Gerald Gekara.

Kenyans expressed their anger, accusing the lender of ballooning the Kenya’s public debt and subsequent corruption.

Here are some of the trending comments under the #StopLoaningKenya hashtag.

Allan Kipkosgei Arap Kogo – IMF dont approve the loan to Kenya will just end in the pockets of the dynasties….We the citizens will continue suffering alot..

Kenneth ChemaseInternational Monetary Fund Keep your loan with yourselves Kenyans can’t breathe, we are tired, We are angry, We are hungry, We are starving.

We have warned you against advancing corruption and oppression in Kenya,we will have a new president who will not pay those dirty IMF Money with ill motives.You will look for Uhuru and covid billionaires to pay you, your dirty Money is as good as uncollected garbage to us. You’re very reckless money lending institution.

Ester Kawira#stoploaning Kenya!Kenya is corrupt and we r already suffering high prices, higher taxes due to your previous loans which went to few people pockets!

Rabush Jared – We shall continue reminding you….Kenyan people are suffering more as you loan a clique of 5 men in the presidency..they use the same billions to buy opposition politicians to silence anybody….the same money has been used to silence the media as Kenyans are left dying…. Stop LOANING KENYA

Inocent Okumu Dear IMF, Kenyans are so unforgiving they will render all your social media communications useless, ask me when I was spotted wearing a torn pair of socks. They even donated several pairs to me. At least issue a statement and tell them you are investigating. Otherwise, stop the loans of death and poverty. #STOPLOANINGKENYA

The 2021 Budget Policy Statement indicates that Kenya’s public debt stood at Sh7. 06 trillion as of June 2020, equivalent to 65 percent of the GDP.