Kenyans fume after 91 year-old Moody Awori secures plum government job

Kenyans fume after 91 year-old Moody Awori secures plum government job A section of Kenyans are angered by the appointment of Former VP Moody Awori to the resource mobilization docket of the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREC) – By Gerald Gekara.

LREC Chair Wycliffe Oparanya posted Moody to the Inter-County Advisory and Resource Mobilization Committee, formed to mitigate COVID-19 effects within the Lake Region.

While defending his previous appointments, President Uhuru Kenyatta upheld moody’s leadership and integrity, scorning ‘younger appointees’ for pocketing public funds. 

“Look at the way people are plundering government resources and then we say that we appoint a young person? I would rather stay with the old man to make sure the money is utilized in the right manner,” Uhuru explained after an uproar from Kenyans.

Moody chairs the billion-shilling Sport, Arts, and Social Development Fund. A fund created to support the humanities and sporting activities, through policy and resources.

In response to his appointment, several Kenyans weighed in on the President’s lack of commitment to implement new ideas. @Nyamweyacollo – 91-year-old Moody Awori lands Government job, once again, the govt. shows just what proportion they do not care about the youth

@tito_antony – Congratulations Moody Awori, you’re far far better on it role than the youthful Rashid Echesa.

@PatrickKibocha -And we are ever told about tomorrow’s leaders. Kenya youth have allow us to down, no wonder Moody Awori has multiple jobs, while the youth are busy chewing muguka.

@jumahKarisa -Such News is what disappoints me why can’t he just turn it down and go play/spend time along with his grandkids.

@mbaiclifford -Unfortunately, the grandpa doesn’t even have the shame to say no the work. a minimum of he could have requested the duty to run to 1 of his grandchildren. Some old people are just mean and selfish.

@GauchoSammy- I remember Mutahi Kagwe telling youth to be vigilant and air the planning for this COVID-19. Then boom, Moody Awori lands employment at 91. Bomboclat