Toll fee policy to save Kenya billions in Nairobi Expressway maintenance

Uhuru Highway is notorious for traffic jams stretching all through its course, the Expressway is deemed as a permanent solution to the pain-staking traffic jam

Kenya National Highways Authority has said the 27 km expressway is expected to de-congest the City and ensure fast commute from the JKIA area all the way to Westlands – By Gerald Gekara.

However, to maintain the smooth transition to Rironi from JKIA, the authority seeked guidance from planning experts on how best to maintain the much-watched project.

The government contracted a private company funding the construction of the Nairobi Expressway to operate the road for some years until the road recoups funds spent on the project.

The move will ensure that road maintenance costs will be met by the respective road users, and also initiate repairs and upgrades of other amenities such as the pavement and lighting facilities.

“The private company will be granted a concession to build, operate and transfer the project for 30 years that includes a construction period of three years and thereafter an operation & maintenance period of 27 years,” KenHA said.

KeNHA announced tenders for consultancy services to monitor the construction of the road and its performance for one year upon completion.

The road will be built by China Roads and Bridge Company (CRBC). It will be handed over to the Kenyan government after lapse of the lease agreement and will cost $600 million.