Kenyans react to Otile’s $2000 Gucci jacket –itararuka Tu

When it comes to dressing most male celebrities in Kenya don’t come to play they make sue to invest heavy in what they wear to whatever occasions they are meant to attend.

And being a celebrity you have to make an appearance you just can’t go and thrift any item and wear it to a high-end event .you have to make sure you look so damn good.

And Otile Brown gets this very well apart from him being good at producing good music for his fans he knows to play around with outfits both casual and official.

On his Instagram he posted a picture of him showing off his $2000 worth of his denim Gucci jacket  and netizens as always will have something to say ;

Kevin mwendwah: uko sure hii si ya River road

Mexican goat: saa si hii itararuka Tu.

Its_ keitanny hiyo ni budget ya album ya gengetone

Its_asekah: I thought hakuna Gucci imeuzwa Africa

Keituspromo: kazi ni mitumba yoo msipigwe pressure mob.