Kianjokoma Police Promised Us Life Insurance — Uncle

One of the police officers accused of killing the Kianjakoma brothers told one of their relatives that the family would be compensated through life insurance. 

Felix Njagi, Benson and Emmanuel Ndwiga’s uncle, told the court on Wednesday that he had a conversation with the driver, PC James Mwaniki. 

Six officers, Benson Mputhia, Consolata Kariuki, Nicholas Cheruyoit, Martin Wanyama, Lilian Chemuna, and James Mwaniki, have been charged with the murder.

Njagi testified in court that on August 3, he was called by his brother John Ndwiga and informed that Emmanuel and Benson had died. 

He claims to have had a conversation with Mwaniki while at the Manyatta police station. 

Mwaniki was identified in court by Njagi, who stated that he left his brother and family inside the police station and went outside to sit in his car. 

He claims that while he was driving, Mwaniki was sitting in the same Landcruiser that had been used to arrest the deceased and they talked. 

According to his testimony, Mwaniki told him that the family would be compensated by the insurance for the issue of the boys.

That statement, according to Njagi, hurt him deeply because you can never repay for a life lost. 

He also testified that he met with the first accused, Benson Mputhia, inside the police station and asked him what happened, but he did not respond. 

“Your honour, I asked him what happened, and he just looked at me and remained silent,” he explained. 

Njagi stated that he was also present at the morgue when his nephews’ bodies were identified. 

The court heard that he noticed their faces were unharmed, but their heads were smashed.

Njagi went on to say that one of the boys whose shirt was open had black marks on his chest and appeared to have been run over by a vehicle. 

He also stated that the boys had no phones or money on them, despite the fact that they were ‘wealthy’ businessmen. 

The court heard that his brother later told him that only one of the phones was recovered.